Critical Notes

Renzo Margonari
Cesare Marchesini is especially sensitive to his surroundings. This is shown by the paintings from his Veneto period, which create an atmosphere that recalls the artistic tradition of that region, as well as by his paintings of the Tuscan hillsides, which are characterized by a clearly defined use of colour that is at the same time persuasive and truthful.

Dino Carlesi
Cesare Marchesini’s canvases reveal professional commitment, and, although part of a specific movement, do not reflect the hasty approach of most amateurs...
Marchesini did not come to Naive Art because of failure or because he gave up other techniques that did not suit him. He embraced this style with the firm conviction that he would be in his element, and that it would be a source of gratification...

Dino Villani
Every one of Marchesini’s paintings bears witness, through the spontaneity of its style, to a rural society that, for centuries, has maintained its values. These values are linked to the humility of the people who, even today, provide us with bread and wine, the basis for the healthiest of meals.
This artist fits right into the international Naïve Art picture, and offers his contribution with no great expectations. Modestly, he follows his instincts down a path that leads him through his feelings and work and succeeds in touching the sentiments of those who, possessing souls as pure as his, gaze upon his paintings.

Armando Nocentini
Cesare Marchesini’s landscapes are not fictitious, but are, rather, born of real emotion; of the authentic emotion that reality always elicits in an artist’s soul; landscapes, therefore, which are always different though similar in their essential elements, in their composition; landscapes that he has really seen, that he has been to and that he re-experiences in his imagination and re-creates, dreaming of them in his studio, like an Eden he longs to live in, where he longs to rest, far from the frantic pace of daily life.
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