Cesare Marchesini was born in Monza in 1939. He started painting in 1968, and since then has taken part in all the most important Naive Art exhibits, receiving numerous awards and critical acclaim.
Articles about art in various Italian newspapers. He has taken part in the most important Naïve Art exhibits. Winner of the Varenna award in 1993 and of the Antoniano di Bologna award in 1994, of the Premio Europa in Morges. Two of his paintings are exhibited in the Musée d’Art in Vicq and in the Musée in Paris and published in books on Naïve Art. In addition, his works can be seen at the Museo d’Arte Naif in Lauro (Switzerland) and in the Museo d’Arte Moderna in Stia. He has also painted murals in Lauro in 1981 and 2002.

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I'm present at Arte Genova, 12-16 february 2015 - Stand 74